Vincent Parisi

Vincent Parisi

Artist Statement

I could not justify calling myself an artist-perhaps I would label myself as one whose aim is to create art.  However I do possess something that all artists have, and that is the fascination of the process of visually interpreting a small portion of reality, be it imagined or physical. It is this fascination that drives me towards the goal of lucid creative expression- something I see as extremely difficult to achieve. I use the illusiveness of this goal to motivate my current and future work, seeing clarity and execution of idea as an important facet of my work.   

I attempt to express concise points of view in my images emanating from the subject matter and my aesthetic style, which is slowing becoming more prevalent in my images. A lot of my recent work reflects my reverence for nature, interpreting selected moments through thought processes and capturing them. I am particularly interested in humanism and several of my works have attempted to document (why do we always personify nature?), and critique (Geological Monotheism) this view on the natural world.    

I take influences from anything and everything I find interesting in the world. In fact, I find the idea of specific influences in the artistic sense a little simplified, given our thoughts are so influenced of what surrounds us; language, people, environment and otherwise. 

Recently I have become drawn to the meticulous nature of studio photography and its potential for expressing more abstract and conceptual ideas, and look to call upon these methods in the near future for a series of images I plan on developing.


Vincent is of mixed English and Italian heritage and has lived in Toowoomba, Queensland all his life. He is largely a self-taught photographer, taking some knowledge and skills from a creative media course through university. He is just starting out on his own artistic journey and looks to develop as a photographer over many years.