Tracy Johnston

Artist Statement

There’s nothing quite as beautiful and funk as the spontaneity that I paint using colour. I get inspiration from other artist’s with a similar style, and use lines and forms that try to capture, if only partially,the “naiveté (naïve fun) of the way I see everything around me.

Bright colours and dark brisk lines reflect moods whether I am painting with brush in hand or sketching and drawing.

Tucked into my pictures are images associated with my childhood-comic, animals, people and landscapes. I often use animation as it is cheeky and fun (like me)

I have been interested in art for a long time and my desire is to develop more with each new work I do.

My painting’s reflect my childhood memories of innocence and fun although I have now become a mature women, the child remains in me through my art work.

I seek to allow the observers of my art to capture that childlike fun in the colour and style that I use, allowing them to feel that wonderful innocence and joy of life.


Tracy Johnson was born in 1973 in Goondiwindi, Queensland. She now resides in Toowoomba, Queensland and calls it her home of 12 years.

Art is one of her favourite ways of expressing her inner imagination with fun and colourful art expressions.

She started drawing and painting in primary school and have continued her studies in completing a Certificate IV in Visual Arts at the Southern Queensland Institute Of TAFE, Toowoomba, Queensland.

During her working career with the aged her bold colours proved to be a calming stimulant with the dementia residents. This theory was tested by painting a SANTA blue instead of the traditional colour of red. Response from dementia residents corrected her change of colour.

Inspiration and passion is to learn more and implement it back into Aged Care. Art and colour do stimulate the mind. Art is her greatest passion and she hopes to give joy through her art.

Her other passion is illustrations for children. She expresses her admiration for their imagination, experience by volunteering at her son’s school, teaching children basic art techniques.

Tracy’s paintings contains traditional characteristic of nativism, vibrant colours, child-like perspective with a lyrical affection.