Women’s Dreaming by Cheryl Moggs

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Women’s Dreaming by Cheryl Moggs


Artist: Cheryl Moggs
Title: Women’s Dreaming
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 92cm (h) 61cm (w)

Within Aboriginal society there are women’s and men’s business. This image is associated with women’s business.

Women play a central role within the Aboriginal family, and in spiritual ceremonies. Aboriginal women are the gatherers and nurturers. They are the creators of life, giving birth, and socialization of children, planting and harvesting bush tucker food to provide for kin.

As a child I grew with Aboriginal women influence through my mother, grandmother and aunties. Many traditional groups are women-centred and matrilineal, meaning a child’s ancestry was traced through her mother. In my family ancestry line all of the women are Aboriginal.

This image is about those women who sat with me on the river banks and told me stories, how to behave and where to find and cook bush tucker.

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