Bumble Dreaming by Cheryl Moggs

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Bumble Dreaming by Cheryl Moggs


Artist: Cheryl Moggs
Title: Bumble Dreaming
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 29cm(h) 61cm(w)

My grandmother had her own Bumble Tree at Toobeah. Not far from where she lived. As I look down from my place at Toobeah I still see the tree. She used to send me and other families members to get the fruit for her. When they were not ripe she said “bury them in the dirt until they are ripe”. My grandmother knew when they were coming into fruit/ season by the arrival of the White Caper Butterfly. I still look for the White Caper Butterfly as my grandmother taught me. Her teachings help me follow the seasons.

The Bumble is also called Wild Orange and its scientific name is Capparis Mitchellii. It grows on large trees that can grow up to six metres in height and you can see them standing out in the distance with its dark bark glistening in the hot sun. The flowers are beautiful with a colour of white and cream. The fruit has a distinct smell when ripe, showing a yellowish colour flesh inside. The Caper White Butterfly is an indicator that the tree is bearing ripe fruit. It’s a battle who gets to the fruit first, the birds, butterfly and us. The season for fruit is summer. The beautiful flowers arrive in spring.


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